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Hi, I'm a Full-Stack Software Development Engineer, Architect, IT Team Leader, DevOps, Programming Tutor, and Best Practice Enforcer. The following principles I embrace are KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), YAGNI (You Aren't Gonna Need It), Component-Based Development (CBD), and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). I have a passion for creating and enhancing anything technology related. My motivation in development is to help end-users achieve their objectives and to empower them to excel.


I have extensive experience in many fields of technology, but the work I am most passionate about are related to developing full-stack web applications, creating mobile apps, designing user experiences, IT release management, and managing various teams. The CMS (Content Management System) is another field of technology I have many years of experience. The popular CMS I work with mostly are WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, and Sitecore. My specialization in CMS development is migrating content from old systems, integrating services (eg Analytics, Coveo, Lucene, Solr), and architecting multiple sites. IT Infrastructure is another specialty that I lead as DevOps establishing strategies from source control branching to release management, creating environments (DEV, QA, STAGE, PROD) to be deployed sequentially, and automating the process of software delivery (aka Continuous Delivery).

More About Me

I'm a minimalist always seeking for efficiency and optimization. I read a lot of technology and science news. I don't sleep much because I love learning new technologies. From experience at work, I practice stakeholder consultant, managing teams, training developers, enforcing standard practices, creating automation tools, developing applications, software engineering, and user interface engineering. During my spare time, I enjoy doing technology research and prototyping experimental technologies for the future.


I'm looking to join a great team where I can work on a variety of projects, be a team leader and collaborate with members, and continue to expand my knowledge and hone my skills.

I believe in "Jack of All Trades, Master of Many" is possible because of the fundamentals are similar between technologies. The following tools and skills I acquired during my professional career as a full-stack developer.

Front-End Web Development Tools & Skills

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD), Canvas, WebSocket, and DOM (Document Object Model)
  • jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, YUI, Ext JS, Microsoft Ajax Library
  • Google Chrome DevTools (Debug JavaScript, CSS, DOM, HTTP)
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

.NET Development Tools & Skills

  • C#, Visual Basic (VB)
  • MVC, Web API, Web Forms, ASMX, WCF aka SVC, Class Library, Console
  • Sitecore, Umbraco, Sitefinity
  • Stored Procedure, ADO.NET (DataSet and DataTable), Entity Framework, NHibernate ORM
  • Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)
  • PowerShell, MSBuild, TFS (Team Founderation Server)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft IIS

Java Development Tools & Skills

  • Java EE (Servlet and JSP), Swing GUI, Console
  • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and JPA (Java Persistence API)
  • MySQL and SQLite
  • Maven
  • Eclipse IDE and Netbeans
  • Apache Tomcat

PHP Development Tools & Skills

  • WordPress and Drupal
  • MySQL and SQLite
  • Eclipse IDE PDT (PHP Development Tools)
  • Linux Apache and Microsoft IIS 7+

General Development Tools & Skills

  • Repository Pattern for DAL (Data Access Layer)
  • Git, SVN (Subversion and TortoiseSVN), Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS), CVS
  • Notepad++, Sublime Text, Beyond Compare
  • WebService Studio and Wizdler (Debug SOAP)
  • Postman (Debug REST)


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